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What we do

CARGOpak Corp offers dangerous goods training and consulting services designed to meet your specific regulatory compliance needs
Hazmat Shipping Webinars
Consider one of our live, instructor-led dangerous goods shipping webinars.

Experience tells us nothing is better than live, one-on-one, instruction now through virtual web technology this can be easily done. Our live dangerous goods webinars provide all the pertinent regulatory information succinctly with a close interaction with trainer and student. We have put together some popular training subjects that lend themselves to this format and can be easily addressed in  2-3 hours. 

During each fully interactive shipping dangerous goods webinar, attendees can obtain immediate answers to their questions when they need clarification. They will also complete a final written test at the end of the class. This formalizes their comprehension by  demonstrating their understanding of the material presented. A certificate of attendance will be issued and the hazmat employer can use this material to assist in compliance with their hazmat employer training obligations found in Sub-part  H Section 172.702 of CFR49.

Customized training at your facility to meet your company’s specific needs.

Shipping hazmat safely should be every employer’s number one priority.

With risk and liabilities so high, effective quality training is key. We don’t present canned “Death by Powerpoint” (you know the kind that go blah, blah, blah) presentations.

We customize training to meet your specific needs, please complete your Needs Assessment Form as much as you can. Don’t worry we’ll call you if we have any questions.

If your hazardous materials training program is not up to snuff you’ll find out the hard way….

Take a look at frequently cited hazmat civil penalties

It’s a known fact that hazmat training classes where attendees can interact with a knowledgeable instructor are the most effective. 

CARGOpak`s experienced industry instructors have been providing professional training expertise and industry specific guidance to shippers of hazardous materials & dangerous goods for more than 25 years.

The Dept. of Transportation (DOT) specifies all the training compliance requirments for shipping hazardous materials through  Title 49 CFR Subpart H Training. It specifies that employers are responsible to train their DG / hazmat staff in four key areas:

GENERAL AWARENESS Providing familiarity with the general provisions of the hazmat communication system.

JOB/FUNCTION SPECIFIC Detailed hazmat training in the specific function the employee is responsible. What is involved with a typical Function Specific session?

SAFETY Information covering the specific hazards presented by dangerous goods, safe handling and emergency response information, as well as procedures to follow in case of spills, first aid and fires.

SECURITY All hazmat employees must receive training that provides an awareness of the security risks associated with hazardous materials transportation and methods to enhance hazardous materials transportation security.  

What are the benefits of on-site training from CARGOpak? Here are some existing client’s recommendations.

After we review your needs assessment information, we’ll promptly present a firm proposal targeting a complete solution for your compliance.

On site hazmat shipping training at Estee Lauder in Miami, FL