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Dangerous goods training and consulting services designed to meet your specific regulatory compliance needs
Hazmat Shipping Webinars
Consider one of our live, instructor-led webinars on dangerous goods shipping

Experience tells us that nothing is better than live, one-on-one instruction. With virtual web technology, this can be easily done, no matter where your team is located. Our live dangerous goods webinars provide all the pertinent regulatory information succinctly with a close interaction between the trainer and student. We’ve put together some popular training subjects that lend themselves to this format and can be easily addressed in 2-3 hours.

During our fully interactive dangerous goods webinars, attendees can obtain immediate answers to their questions when they need clarification. Attendees will also complete a final written test at the end of the class. This formalizes their comprehension by demonstrating their understanding of the material presented. A certificate of attendance will be issued and the hazmat employer can use this material to assist with compliance for their hazmat employer training obligations found in Sub-part H Section 172.702 of CFR49.

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    Private Custom Webinars

    CARGOpak can create a private client-specific webinar that's custom-designed and confidential to fit your company's requirements. Working closely with our clients, we can develop a unique and comprehensive training that covers multiple regulatory guidelines, including domestic US - CFR49, international air - ICAO/ IATA, international vessel - IMDG code, Canadian - TDG, and the EU - ADR

    Live interactive training with our knowledgeable, professional instructors ensures excellent employee comprehension.

    Web access provides a convenient solution for teams in multiple locations, and an unlimited number of attendees can join, making the class safe and compliant with COVID19 restrictions.

    Additional benefits include:

    • Save on travel costs and reduce employee downtime.
    • Flexible and convenient scheduling available.
    • All courses include the current regulatory updates.
    • Client-specific presentation & notes designed to your specific needs.
    • No travel expenses.

    Please contact us for more information.


    Phone: (919) 217-7636

  • Biological Substances, Cat. B & Dry Ice

    This presentation will cover the regulatory shipping requirements for research & diagnostic samples that are either exempt (non-pathogenic) or are classified as Biological substances Category B, UN3373, as well as, UN1845 Dry Ice.

    This presentation will not cover the detailed and more stringent requirements for shipping Category A infectious substances, or shipping samples for PUI for Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). We recommend on-site training as a more complete and effective method.

    Dry ice is fully regulated by air. If you ship solid CO2 as a refrigerant, appropriate training is required. As most research and diagnostic shippers use dry ice, we have included the regulatory requirements in this webinar.

    Course Overview:

    • Application
    • Definitions
    • Shipper's responsibilities
    • Consignment procedures
    • Comprehension test

  • Limited Quantities & Consumer Commodities

    This webinar gives the attendee the details necessary for completely understanding the domestic (USA) as well as the more intricate international regulatory requirements.

    After this webinar, the attendee will know what the regulatory requirements are for both domestic and international shipments per CFR49, Air- IATA DGR and Vessel- IMDG Code.

    Course Overview:

    • Application
    • Definitions
    • Shipper's responsibilities
    • Consignment procedures
    • Comprehension test