Hazardous Materials / Dangerous Goods Onsite Training Classes, Webinars & Consulting

Offering DOT Hazardous Materials (hazmat) On-site training classes and live instructor-led webinars that provide a comprehensive understanding of the mandatory domestic US Dept. of Transportation Hazardous Materials regulations. We also offer classes that cover the international dangerous goods regulatory requirements for air (ICAO) through the International Air Transport Association’s Dangerous Goods Regulations (IATA-DGR) and ocean (IMO) through the IMDG Code.

Our hazmat/dangerous goods consulting support can assist your company in all aspects of regulatory modal compliance. For immediate assistance please call 919.217.7636 

DOT HazMat compliance training


Onsite hazardous materials training classes With private, customized, on-site DOT/ IATA / IMDG  compliance  training, designed specifically to your business needs, we’ll review all your hazmat and dangerous goods shipping requirements and simplify them into a simple customized targeted solution. Our site-specific hazmat / DG compliance training conveniently provides all your hazmat shipping personnel a complete understanding of the current mandatory requirements of the US Domestic Hazardous Materials Regulations found in CFR 49 Sub-part H Training. Find out more


HazMat webinar studentOur regular monthly live, instructor led dangerous goods training webinars cover all the relevant training requirements of CFR49 and IATA-DGR for some popular subjects. such as; 

Biological Category B Materials 

Consumer Commodities 

Small Lithium Batteries 

Depending on the size and scope, we also offer customized customer specific webinars to include function specific hazardous material training including IATA & IMDG dangerous goods training as well as provide General Awareness training and Security Training as specified by the DOT in CFR 49. Find out more


Hazardous Materials consulting and auditing specialistThink of CARGOpak as your dedicated dangerous goods consultant. If your company doesn’t have the full-time experienced personnel to work specifically with dangerous goods and hazardous materials all the time, don’t worry, CARGOpak can help. Sometimes the hardest part of HazMat/ DG compliance is just knowing where to look. With 30+ years of hazardous materials expertise we can help you with all aspects of compliance. Depending on your needs, whether it’s immediate or long term we have the flexibility to work with any customer, regardless of time frame or size.Find out more