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Having a comparatively low ignition temperature and the ability to burn with great rapidity after ignition, Nitrocellulose film is considered a “readily combustible solid” meeting the classification criteria of a Div 4.1 Flammable solid. Also, when burning, the material evolves gases that are highly toxic including nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. Because of these characteristics Nitrocellulose based films are fully regulated for transport and anyone who offers for shipping Nitrate films must be trained. This course addresses all the applicable regulatory requirements of the US Dept. of Transporation ( 49CFR) as well as the ICAO and IATA DGR references for shipping UN1324.

Course Overview
  • Application
  • Definitions
  • Shippers Responsibilities
  • Consignment Procedures
  • Comprehension test

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Nitrate Films-Jan 10