Shipping Small Lithium Batteries


  • The shipping of lithium batteries has become a major dangerous goods shipping issue for everyone involved, especially the shipper.

  • As innocuous as they may be, Lithium batteries are found everywhere in our modern technological oriented society.

  • The average shipper has a daunting task of understanding the variances and continuing changes that occur for both DOT domestic regulations (CFR 49) and the international standards of ICAO/IATA & IMDG Code.

  • This webinar will assist shipper’s of small cells & batteries to clarify what is required and what exceptions apply for both surface (domestic and international) and air shipments.
  • NEW April 1st 30% State of Charge requirement and 1 packaging /CAO consignment restriction.

Course AgendaIATA Lithium battery handling label

  • Application
  • Definitions
  • Shippers Responsibilities
  • Consignment Procedures
  • Comprehension test
Webinar Registration:

Date: 05/26/16
Time: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

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