Biological substances, Category B & Dry Ice

Biological substance, Category B Overpack with Dry IceSHIPPING BIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCES, CATEGORY B & DRY ICE

This presentation will cover the regulatory shipping requirements for research & diagnostic samples that are either exempt (non-pathogenic) or are classified as Biological substances, Category B UN3373, as well as, UN1845 Dry Ice. It will not cover the more stringent requirements for shipping a Category A Infectious substances.

Dry Ice is fully regulated by air, if you ship solid CO2 as a refrigerant, appropriate training is required. As most research & diagnostic shippers use Dry Ice we have included the regulatory requirements in this webinar.

Course Agenda

  • Application – How the regulations work. We’ll explore the relationship between Domestic Dept. of Transportation and ICAO and IATA regulatory bodies
  • Definitions – Some clarification on specific terms and explanation and of certain transport related acronyms
  • Classification – Criteria for establishing what is a Category A and Category B. Does the micro-organism cause permanent disability, life threatening or fatal diseases in healthy humans or animals?
  • Identification – Basic Descriptions Proper Shipping Names and UN numbers
  • Exceptions – Clarification on when specific conditions allow relief from the regulations
  • Packaging – What packagings are authorized
  • Packing – Details of which Packing Authorizations and Instructions apply
  • Marking – Specific details of the mandatory packaging identification
  • Labeling – Which hazard or handling labels might apply
  • Shipping Papers – What are the mandatory documentation requirements for ground and air
Webinar Registration:

Date: 03/02/16
Time: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

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