Benefits of On-site Dangerous Goods Training Classes

dangerous goods training

  1. SPECIFIC- Our DG training classes are developed around your specific shipping requirements. We review all your regulatory needs before we present any training.
  2. CONVENIENT- We fit the DG/hazmat training into your schedule.
  3. FLEXIBLE- We can work on fairly short notice and can even work Saturdays.

  4. EFFICIENT- No lost travel time costs.

  5. SAVINGS- No extra travel & hotel costs for staff.

  6. EFFECTIVE- All dangerous goods/hazmat staff are trained privately as a team for their job functions.

  7. CURRENT- All DG training provided is current with the latest regulatory developments and includes 3 months of free post-training consulting support

  8. CONSISTENT- DG/Hazmat Staff are trained at one time from the same knowledgeable instructor.

  9. CONDUCIVE- Inter-department discussion and promotes alternative solutions to existing hazmat shipping problems.

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